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TRE designed sheet metal manifolds are completely custom "one off" pieces!

Our manifolds have all machined radiuses, unlike most all other manufactures. Setup for one or two carbs, water or not. We offer blower manifolds, with fuel rails, turbo manifolds, or completely plumbed nitrous manifolds. From one stage of nitrous to 5 stages of nitrous.

Extra's! Burst panels, linkage kits, TRE billet shear plates, TRE Signature Series Carbs, removable tops, are just some of the extra products we offer for our manifolds. Standard or annular nitrous bungs are available for the nitrous racers.

Quick Intakes Gallery!
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TRE is widely known for our Custom "Sheetmetal Manifolds"

Since all of our Sheet Metal Manifolds are custom built for each customers needs, we offer the two downloable PDF files below, that can be used to submit your specific information to us, otherwise we will need your actual Cylinder Heads in order to build your intake. Once filled out, simply fax the completed form to us! If you have any questions, call TRE.

Download Small Block PDF Download Big Block PDF
(Required to be filled out and faxed when ordering custom TRE Intakes)

Intake Options & Pricing: Special! $2250 for any make of engine!
Blower intake ad on +$350
Port nozzles for blower intake +$100
Burst panel, installed +$150
EFI/Turbo intakes with fuel rails mounted and fuel injection bungs +$250
Standard nitrous bungs, one bung per runner +$100
Annular nitrous bungs, one per runner $125
Tee pee top for single four barrel +$150
Nitrous pop off burst panel installed $150
Custom linkage kit installed with weld on foot $150
Custom billet TRE shear plates for dominator or 4150 series $75 ea.
TRE billet custom 1" dominator pro stock plenum drop ins $200
TRE Phoenolic heat insulating plenum spacer $100

TRE also carries a full line of accessories for your intake, linkage kits,burst panels, sheer plates, carb spacers and more! Check out the samples below for more details!

Shown Above: TRE's Billet runner intake for a Sonny Hemi engine, shown with Braswell Pro Stock splits. Used in IHRA Pro Stock and NHRA Comp eliminator

TRE Typical Intake and Options:
Shown: The same runners we use on NHRA and IHRA Pro Stock manifolds is now ready for any type of intake! Ads $1250 to the costs of an intake. Call TRE at 865-688-9905.

Shown: TRE billet shear plates and Billet Pro Stock drop in spacers for split carbs. Also available for larger butterfly carbs. The Pro Stock drop in spacer boosts signal and make more power. TRE shear plates are the most powerful shear plate on the market. With special taper angles and finish work. All pieces are for sale separately or as a package. Call TRE
Shown: Big Block Blower Manifold Precision Machine work is vital when it comes to supercharging any race engine. TRE builds the best custom intake available to racers.
Shown: SB Chrysler nitrous intake

Shown: NHRA Pro Stock billet runner intake
Shown: BB Chevy Big Duke, fully polished
Shown: SB Dart Little Chief with three Speedtech stages
Shown: BB Chevy Sonnys hemi with twin EFI port nozzles

Shown: SB Chevy 15 Degree Comp eliminator 2 carb intake
Shown: SB Chevy 15/18 Degree Comp eliminator single carb
Shown: TRE Custom Pro Mod intake with 3 Speedtech systems installed
Shown: SB Chevy SB2 EFI intake

Shown: An example of our custom lightening
Shown: BB Chevy blower intake with burst panel installed
Shown: The inside of a BB Chevy Big Chief intake

Shown Above: Linkage kits, burst panels & assorted parts

Shown Above: CNC Billet pro stock intake runners

Shown Above: TRE billet shear plates and billet
drop in manifold spacers make more horsepower!

Shown Above: Some examples of the hundreds of intake runners TRE keeps in stock for building intakes.


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