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TRE Racing Heads & Packages:
We offer any type of head that is sold on the market!


From completely stock out of the box, to the full blown race port package. Completely ported and polished for maximum performance. We offer several different head packages, complete ready to bolt on or bare.

We have our own valve job angles that make the heads really flow well and out perform the competition. Titanium or steel valves are readily available for all of our head packages.

Quick TRE Heads Gallery!
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TRE releases their new 9 degree MAX power cylinder head!
TRE is now taking orders and shipping our 9 degree big block Chevy engines and TRE CNC ported heads. In 2011 TRE went to Dave Rodder of Brodix and asked for a 9 degree BB Chevy head. Because of the success we have had with the 11 and 12 degree engines that TRE also CNC ports.

We asked for a head after our already proven DRCE2 9 degree pro stock heads. TRE ported a test head 2 years ago and the results are a killer all motor standard bore space head now ready for sale. They have 565cfm with a pro stock style hinged chamber for better swirl and efficiency.
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We're offering complete heads and 582 to 706 all motor bad boys! Call for details!

We are a vendor for Brodix race heads. We have our own CNC programs created to run on many different cylinder head applications, depending on what we are trying to achieve.
Our port designs are based on our years of R&D and at the track competition.
We've developed the perfect design for each type of cylinder head.
After each head is complete, we flow test the head to assure maximum flow potential has been achieve.
Each port design is copied to all ports, to assure each port is exactly as designed.
We constantly test valve angles, to achieve max flow at low lift.

TRE Head Update Option!
  If you already have new or used cylinder heads, TRE Will also update your heads to new improved higher flowing ports. TRE ports all types of heads, Chevy, Ford, Dodge and imports.

Typical Head Services available:
Custom port design layout, and port work
Custom Valve jobs
Angle and flat mill
Flowbench work
Full blown or mild port jobs
Custom valve train assemblies

TRE Billet and full blank heads!
TRE takes full blank heads in some applications to start with to design ports and valve layouts from scratch to achieve a much higher level of cylinder head design. TRE also has there line of full billet heads for SB Chevy, Ford, and Nitrous BB engines.

Shown is some of the latest billet and full blank heads TRE is working on for NHRA Pro Stock, ANDRA Pro Stock and ADRL Pro Nitrous engines.

By using billet heads with no holes TRE can give the customer a better stronger cylinder head and design ports in any fashion desirable and achieve a better finished part than the competition

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